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Kalyanova Irina
Position:International Education Advisor
Specialization:Foreign languages
Education:Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin, qualification – Teacher of English and German
Specialization experience:12 years
Total experience:12 years

When I was a student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Leningrad State University, I went to study in England and USA. It was then that I decided to connect my future profession with foreign education. Since 2010 I have been helping students enter schools all over the world and sending people abroad to learn foreign languages for work and communication under different language programs. By now, there are more than 300 successful enrolments with schools of United Kingdom, Europe and USA under my belt. I have visited myself most of the schools with which we cooperate to be sure of the quality of educational services provided. I have participated in international education exhibitions, such as British Boarding Schools Workshop, Study World and ALPHE, ICEF. Language Centre TOPS is a certified agent in the field of international education and has completed international Agent trainings with Kaplan and ICEF. We also regularly visit meetings and seminars with representatives of embassies of United Kingdom, USA and Australia regarding up-to-date visa and education issues.

Advanced training:

Certificates: TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Certificates (3) ‒ Cambridge certificates confirming knowledge of English teaching methods.

Courses: International Tourist Activity Program, Training Centre of International Tourism and Business.

It is not so easy to decide to get an education abroad, as students face a number of questions that they cannot always answer themselves. The specialists of TOPS Language Centre will help you choose a school suitable just for you, inform you of all details of admission and help submit documents and enroll for a program. We support our students during the whole period of training and help them resolve problems arising in the course of training.

Come to us, we will help you achieve your dream!

Contact information:

Phone: +7 (921) 558-14-24, +7 (812) 644-01-34