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TOPS Language Centre is an advanced and fast-growing centre, which offers effective, comprehensive and diversified teaching of English and French.

The courses offered by our Centre will help you obtain foreign language skills necessary to you both in everyday life and in the sphere of business and professional communication.

Combining the best traditions of teaching with innovative technologies, the Language Centre arranges and provides high-quality systematized teaching of foreign languages. Using the most up-to-date teaching aids, audio, video and other additional materials in class, we make the teaching process not only useful, but also absorbing, which in turn contributes to achieving the maximal result.

TOPS Language Centre has a license to carry out educational activity. Upon termination of each course, the students receive a certificate of advanced training.

The main principle of TOPS Language Centre is a client-oriented approach, i.e. organization of teaching with maximal consideration of individual characteristics, needs and interests of students.


What does learning of foreign languages in our Centre give?

Learning foreign languages – English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Russian as a foreign language – at TOPS Language Centre will allow you to:

obtain and develop the main language skills (reading, writing, audition, speaking);
improve progress in studies of foreign languages at one’s school;
gain additional opportunities of employment or career growth thanks to knowledge of foreign languages;
feel comfortable while interacting with foreigners in Russia and abroad;
improve the general cultural level and broaden one’s horizon.

Jolly foreign language classes for schoolchildren

Our Language Centre offers one-time English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Russian as a foreign language classes for children and teenagers of school-going age. Our teachers will help your child by complementing and solidifying knowledge received during foreign language studies at school. Besides, we offer classes in the form of consultations dedicated to international exams preparation and the Uniform State Exam in English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish and Italian for teenagers.

Preparation for international exams

There are classes in the form of consultations and one-time practicals dedicated to preparation for international exams – FCE, CAE, TOEFL, IELTS and children’s exams – YLE, PET, KET.


Training abroad

Language immersion may significantly increase the efficiency of foreign language studies. Our Centre offers training abroad (English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Finnish, French) for teenagers and adults, academic programs and language courses during vacation.