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Today learning a foreign language is one of the most popular types of additional education for children. Of course, the most popular language is English – one of the obligatory school subjects, which in fact may be required in real life. English for school children in our Centre implies efficient learning of English in small groups or individually. The classes suggest development of all language skills of children with an emphasis on communicative skills. Teaching is conducted primarily in English. Our teachers will help your child not only supplement and solidify knowledge received at school, but also increase his/her interest and motivation to learn the language. In our Centre, children study with pleasure. We have engaged the best teachers who are proficient in the language and understand child psychology very well.

We offer English, as well as French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Russian as a foreign language for preschoolers of 4 years and older, junior schoolchildren and school children of secondary and senior school.

We offer:

  • Learning foreign languages in the form of one-time classes
  • Consultations dedicated to preparation for passing the Uniform State Exam, the Basic State Exam, the State Final Assessment and international exams

Select a training mode: