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Irina Osipova
Position:Director, Teacher
Specialization:English, German
Education:Kurgan State Pedagogical Institute, degree in English and German languages
Specialization experience:27 years
Total experience:32 years

A teacher with a vast experience of work with adults and corporate clients. A demanding and attentive instructor, who is scrupulous about teaching. Irina has been managing TOPS Language Centre since October 2011.

She believes that one of the main achievements consists in that the team of the Centre remains constant from the date of its foundation and only expands accepting talented teachers, both experienced and young, into its close-knit family.
“When you put heart into work, you will succeed for sure! The main thing is not to lose heart and move ahead, despite difficulties and failures! I try to be tough on myself first and then on my colleagues. I’m not afraid of entering into something new, since this makes life more interesting!”

Advanced training:

– Certificate of advanced training at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education under the program “Methods of Foreign Language Teaching at Different Training Stages under the Conditions of Realization of the Federal State Educational Standards” from 1 to 18 July 2016
– Certificate of advanced training under the program “Preparation for Inspection of an Educational Organization by Regulatory Bodies. Practical Recommendations” of the Innovation and Education Centre “Northern Capital” from 16 to 17 March 2016
– Certificate of participation in the seminar “They never look up from their phones! Are we really connecting with our learners?” held by Cambridge University Press, 2019
– Certificate of participation in a seminar of Guy Brook-Hart held by Cambridge University Press, 2012
– TESOL Certificate (ELT Advantage course Communicative Teaching for the ESL/EFL Classroom), 2011
– Certificate of participation in the seminar “Mixing business with pleasure” of Pearson Publishing, 2011
– Certificate of participation in the seminar “Teaching writing today: the same as yesterday?” of Pearson Publishing, 2011
– Certificate of St. Petersburg Bridges Centre on successful completion of target preparation of a specialist in the field of development of test assignments for linguo-didactic discrete language tests, 2005

Contact information:

Phone: +7 (921) 558-14-24, +7 (812) 644-01-34