Онлайн-тест по английскому языку

Английский язык


Количество вопросов: 50

Для получения объективных результатов тестирования рекомендуем не использовать сторонние источники (Интернет, учебные пособия и т.д.). Результат Вы сможете получить сразу после завершения теста. Нажмите кнопку "Далее" для начала тестирования.

1. ________ they phone yesterday?
2. We have ________ of time.
- Would you like another cup of tea?
- Yes, ________.
4. I am on holiday in Spain! ________ weather is fantastic – it’s really hot.
5. I sit ________ to Pete in class.
6. Can you speak more ________ please?
7. I always clean my bedroom at the ________.
8. Jack knows a lot of things. He’s very ________.
9. The food was delicious but quite expensive, just look at the ________.
10. The police know who ________ the robbery.
11. ________ a flat is quite expensive.
12. I ________ Sue’s boyfriend at the party last night.
13. The traffic department is ________ new road signs.
14. It’s ________ to fly to Scotland than to drive.
- Thanks for a great party last week.
- That’s OK. It was ________.
16. I haven’t got ________ time, so please hurry up!
17. There was a bad ________ at the weekend.
- I’d like to book a ticket to fly to Madrid next month.
- Certainly, Madam. Single or ________?
19. My aunt ________ my sister’s baby every day.
20. They said on the weather ________ that it’s going to be sunny tomorrow.
21. If I were you, I ________ buy that car.
22. I wish I ________ so much last night. I feel sick!
23. No one helped me. I did all the work ________ myself.
24. We live near the mountains and the ________ is amazing.
25. I’m looking forward ________ you next month.
26. You ________ do all the exercises. Only one!
27. He gave me ________ good advice.
28. George said he ________ Simon since Saturday.
29. You expect friends to be ________ to you.
30. In a magazine ________, 35% of teenage girls said they would like plastic surgery.
31. I ________ in Paris for a year when I was a teenager.
32. The exercise is ________ less difficult than the previous one.
33. ________ the test was hard, we all passed.
34. Thank you for your application. We’ll be in ________ early next week.
35. I’ve got a bad cold and a really ________ throat.
36. Unfortunately, injury prevented him ________ in the national Championships.
37. ________ children often grow up with a fear of strangers and the unknown.
38. I’m so sorry I forgot our appointment yesterday. It was so ________.
39. I’ve already ________ several possibilities and this is what remains.
40. Jim has ________ a lot of time and effort in order to finish his project.
41. Let’s do the washing up together, ________?
42. Although our team did badly at first, we finally ________ the game.
43. He admitted ________ during the game.
44. All that fuss about the lost file was just ________ – it didn’t really matter at all.
45. Nicky and Greg had a huge row yesterday but they’ve ________ again thank goodness!
46. One of the actors collapsed during the play and had to leave the ________.
47. The police accused Owen ________ stealing the car but they couldn’t prove it.
48. I couldn’t ________ to customer services today on the phone about the TV.
49. Is anything the ________? You look a bit down today.
50. I’ll see you at eight ________ I have too much homework.

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